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My first post!

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Also, here's a list of all the Suju fanfictions I've done so far (I did a lot of fanfiction works in the past, although not Suju, so if you're interested, you can head over t pensandwings nbsp; ). These stories will remain public and will never be f-locked unless intellectual property rights are infringed. -_-

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But anyway, here's a list of Suju fiction I've written so far..

One shots

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Chaptered Fics

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I’d like to believe that the 24th of September is a day reserved by the universe just for me. Out of the 365 days in the year (366 if you consider the leap year), the universe has chosen this day thirty one years ago to give me a chance to experience so many beautiful things in life. And it is for that reason that I always consider the 24th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar to be extra special and extra beautiful.

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Hey self, congratulations on turning 30!

Yay! Here's my late birthday post.

I think my last entry here (as reminded by Benny banana) was a year ago. Wow... that's quite a long time. Anyway, two days ago, I reached a new milestone in life: I turned 30 years old! Old, yes, but hey, as they say, one should not be ashamed about getting older because it is a privilege denied to many. So yeah, I'm broadcasting it to the world. Hey world! I just turned 30! haha

On a more serious note, I know for the past years, whenever it is my birthday, I do some sort of reflection and share some lessons that I learned. I'd like to tweak it a little this year. Yes, there will still be lessons but more than that, let me share with you a glimpse of real life like how I experienced it for the past year since the last post in this journal. Some of the things I'm going to be sharing might not exactly happen to you but hey, if you get a lesson or two from it, then that would be awesome.

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Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to me!

Aloha! ^__^
Happy birthday to myself. As usual, I wanted to post some kind of a birthday message but I got too lazy to compose new ones so I'll just plagiarize my FB post. haha!
Birthdays really are awesome, aren't they? They make you feel extra special.  When the numbers representing my age changed yesterday, I thought... OMG, I'm one step closer to the big "3". Then again, what does it matter? As they say, age is just a number and growing old is just a phrase. Physically, nothing much has changed (well, maybe except the weight and the hair). But emotionally and, up to a certain extent, mentally, many changes were introduced to me. In the one year that followed my previous birthday, I'm still bad at math but my social skills improved. I met a lot of people and I've worked with various kinds of people and my understanding of the world has changed too. I've met new friends, let go of old ones, cut ties and made new bonds. I've fought with loved ones and friends, made up with them, made big decisions, faced struggles and trials and, as I stand here now, gained new experiences that I believe made me a better person. haha! My faith is stronger (although I still don't go to church) and my heart is bigger, haha! I'm still a so-so writer and my grammar hasn't improved but I think I'm prettier. Okay so the last phrase is just wishful thinking. haha!
I still don't know how to say no to people but I'm more mature in making decisions. Somehow, in the one year that followed September 24, 2013, I found myself constantly surrounded by people (some are friends, some are colleagues, some are not so nice...) and I realized that I like being with people. I got one step closer to self awareness and my values are constantly improving. I'm learning new things at work and I took to heart that quotation saying "no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up).
I still love life and I still love food and I still hope to write a great story one day. I went to new places and experienced new cultures and I found myself wanting to travel more often. I still have to win the lottery and I still want to continue to be called a lawyer. I'm more blessed working with the government and I found out I'm actually okay with the office set up. I love still Arashi and I still think I'll marry Nino one day. ^__^
So to all those who made all the changes possible in one year, thank you!
In a beautiful cliched fashion, Godbless to myself and more birthdays to come. haha! ^__^

[One shot] Another Parting (Part 2)

Another Parting

I try so hard
And then I give up way too easily
I'm the runner-up inside of you
And you're the winner inside of me
I still wish on an evening star
I suppose I always will
Every child loses something a whole life can't fulfill

-Sophie B. Hawkins, "Lose Your Way"

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[One shot] Another Parting

Inspired by two things: the mini-drama called Some Kind of Goodbye/Another Parting (ugh! That deserves to be a full drama) and Melody Day’s song called Another Parting. Well basically… this was inspired by the drama itself (because the song is part of the soundtrack). Ahaha? I’m not making sense, huh? *runs*

Another Parting

I’m holding onto you, you fool
In case I run and catch you, in case I hold onto you
Don’t forget, don’t forget, I’m sending you like this
I made you cry but don’t forget.
Go slower, you fool
What’s the rush? What are you so sad about?
I love you, I love you, after letting you go like that
After I made you cry, I love you.

-Melody Day, “Another Parting”

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[Mini-series] Yellow {2/2}

^^ As requested by myself, once again. Hihi. This is Nica’s version of a “WE DON’T NEED NO FREAKING PLOT” story


You are mine, like a sad graduation song.
You are still a small part of this heart of mine.
Your beauty glitters in your eyes.
Like so many stars I hope you will always shine.

-“Me to You, You to Me”

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Isang maligaya at masaganang bagong taon sa ating lahat (translation: Happy new year everyone. hehe)

Sa tuwing matatapos ang taon, marami sa atin ang nagbabalik-tanaw. May ilang bagay na ayaw na nating maalala, may ilang bagay din naman na sa tuwing sumasagi sa ating isipan ay nagbibigay na ngiti at tawa. Sigurado ako na marami sa atin ang nakaranas ng mga bagay na nagbigay daan para tayo'y matuto. May mga magagandang karanasan, mayroon din namang hindi. Sa tingin ko, lahat ng bagay ay nangyayari upang bigyan tayo ng isang mahalaga at hindi malilimutang pagkatuto. Kaya't kung ano pa man ang kahulugan ng nagdaang taon para sa atin, sana'y magsilbi itong inspirasyon or di kaya naman ay aral upang patuloy nating hulmahin ang ating mga sarili bilang isang mabuting tao. Sana'y huwag tayong mawalan ng pananampalataya, pag-asa at pagmamahal.

Sa mga susunod pang taon, sana'y patuloy nating pagyamanin ang ating mga sarili tungo sa isang makabuluhan at maligayang buhay.

Isang payapa, masaya at masaganang bagong taon sa ating lahat.

(Nica trying to test if she still has the skills to write in Tagalog. Now on to the indirect translation...)

Towards the end of each year, many of us come to a standstill to reminisce about the experiences we've had. There are some experiences that we do not want to remember again while there are some that bring smiles and laughter each time they are remembered. I'm sure that in the past year, a lot of us experienced events and things that paved the way for us to learn. Some are good experiences, others are not. However, I do believe that everything happens to allow us to experience an important and meaningful learning. That is why, whatever the past year meant for you, I hope that it serves as an inspiration and lesson for you to continuously mold yourself into a good human being. I hope that you never lose faith, hope and love.

In the coming years, may you continue to improve yourself towards a meaningful and happy life.

A peaceful, happy and fruitful new year to all of us.


[Mini-series] Yellow {1/2}

I... was being weird last night and this was the product.


Late at night in the autumn,
During my trip alone,
I’ve been suffering from the feeling of empty sadness.
I miss my hometown, mom and dad so much.
What I see in my dreams are old roads back home.
Late at night in the autumn,
During my trip alone,
I’ve been suffering from the feeling of empty sadness.

-Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East insert song

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TV Shows and Memories: A Melancholy Entry

I'm still alive! haha. How am I doing? I think this entry says it all. :(

cross-postes from my other account.

Random, incoherent entry ahead.

Have you ever had those days when you feel blue (not really that sad) for no reason at all and in your memory, you keep on grasping something unknown? I'm having that kind of day (night) now and I feel a little funny.

It feels a little weird and various memories come back as if... as if they are some forgotten pieces of an unsolved puzzle. There's a sunny day with lots of smiling people, endless classroom lecture hours, happy times in front of the television during childhood, rainy days, random moments in front of the house door, laughing people, crying people. I... my memory actually... is not making any sense.

I am currently watching my favorite TV show during my childhood years. Until a few minutes ago, I was laughing, thinking that the story line was not really not great now that I am re-watching it 24 years later. It was just a random tale about five superheroes with robots and gadgets and well yeah... and an overly ideal master. Don't get me wrong, it's the story line that is not great, not the show itself, not the memory of the show. For me, this TV series will always be one of the very best, if not the best, that I have watched to date. Why?Collapse )